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For your convenience a downloadable “Records Storage Authorized Personnel Form” is available below

Authorized personnel lists are so important to your company. It helps you to specify who has access to your account.

You receive authorized personnel lists in three different ways, when you are a new client with us, when we do an annual review, we will send you a blank form just in case you have any updates, and of course when you request us one from us. So let’s just walk through the different parts of the authorized personnel form.

So if you’ll see behind me up in the upper left corner, your company name will appear. In the middle section, we will put your account number. Over to the right will be a date field. The date and field will be blank for you to fill out when you’re ready to send the form to us. So as we move down through the form, you’ll see the first little section block. You can add or remove someone.

So let’s talk about adding someone. You want to check the add box. You want to print their name, have them sign and put their email address in. Over to the right is what they will be authorized for. There are several options to choose from. Not every employee may be authorized for all things. If destruction is checked, they will be able to authorize any destruction that you will have for your office. If they check retrieval from storage, they’ll be able to order boxes or files or both. If receives invoice is checked, then they will receive the invoice and they will be able to ask any questions about the invoice if necessary. To update the authorized personnel list, that will be anyone that would be able to make changes to the authorized personnel list, someone that can approve that.

So that’s adding. If you need to remove someone, all you need to do is check the remove box and put their name underneath and we will deactivate them from our system. As you scroll down or you can see there are four separate blocks for employees to be authorized to fill in. This doesn’t mean that only four employees can be authorized. You can have as many as you need. All you need to do is make a copy of the original form that we sent you, or you can give us a call and we can email or fax you an additional copy.

So as we go down to the end of the form, you’ll see there’s an approved by section. This section needs to be approved by someone that is updated to authorize the personnel list. So we need to have in our system someone that this box has been checked for. So, and this approved by section needs to be completed on each form if you have more than one. As you decide who needs to be on your authorized list remember they will be someone that can make decisions for your company. If you have any questions, please just give us a call at (918) 665-2828.



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